Just a few of the features your application will have

Rich modern-looking web interfaces.

Support for all popular browsers.

Powerful and flexible data search capabilities.

Any type of electronic document can be stored, retrieved, printed, exported and saved to disk, imported from disk, attached to e-mails and viewed within a browser with the appropriate editor. You can also edit documents in-place using Word.

Generate personalized documents and emails from document templates that users can create in MS Word, MS Excel, HTML and plain text formats and import into their applications.

True reports. A visual comprehensive Report Designer. Create Invoices, Statements, Shipping Orders directly to PDF files for viewing or attaching to emails. Nested grouping with summaries, sub-reports, aggregate operations, Charts of all kinds.

Applications can run not only on PC, Linux or Mac, but also on mobile devices. We support all popular mobile platforms, such as iOS-driven devices (iPhone and iPad), Android-driven, Windows, Blackberry and Symbian devices. The same application will run on all devices, mobile or not. Virtually all features supported in non-mobile applications are supported in mobile applications as well.

Your application will be developed with built-in Change control. We utilize a version control mechanism that allows making and testing changes in a separate version of the application. along with a separate database - where application changes can be tested without disrupting your normal operation in any way. Once tested the new version can replace the previous operational version. Benefit - you can test new versions and see how it all works before going live with a significant update or new application.

Supports any number of users - dependent on hardware - the application architecture is designed to be fully scalable.

The Technical Stuff

100% Java - We utilize Java technologies such as J2EE application server, JDBC, JMS, JSP/servlets technology, web services etc. These are robust technologies that have been proven in the industry.

Works on Windows, Linux or Mac OS X.

Any database - MS-SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle